Turnaround Time
Our typical turnaround time is ten business days. Some orders with add-on services, specialty prints or Customer Supplied goods may take longer. Your AOV Job Partner will be able to advise you in this regard. Order turnaround time begins upon our receipt of order confirmation approval.

Payment Terms
Payment is due upon receipt of your order, unless other payment arrangements have been agreed upon in advance.

Over / Under Run Allowance
Due to unpredictable and unpreventable circumstances in the production process, mistakes sometimes happen. AOV is not responsible for under runs within the under/over run allowance of 2% based on the total quantity of goods ordered. Everything within the 2% allowance of the ordered quantity will be considered acceptable for delivery. For this reason, we highly recommend ordering extra garments/pieces in each size needed if exact counts are required.

Please note that our Over/Under allowance increases to 4% for rush orders or specialty garments, meaning that exact quantities are not guaranteed.
Deadlines / Rush Orders
If your deadline is closer than our standard two-week turnaround, rush orders may be accepted if our current production schedule allows for it. Rush orders are subject to an additional rush charge per the schedule below:

  • 5 to 7 business day turnaround; the greater of $50 or 15% of order total
  • 3 to 4 business day turnaround: the greater of $100 or 30% of order total

Rush order deadlines are production deadlines and do not include shipping time if necessary. Please consider transit time when scheduling your order.

Customer Supplied Goods
On occasion some of our clients choose to supply us with their own garments to print on. We are happy to accommodate our customers in this regard whenever possible; however, we do request a list of each style, color, size and quantity being delivered at least 2 days prior to delivery. Once delivered, we will check-in the delivery against the listed quantity. AOV is not responsible for shortages, mis-ships or manufacturer defects. Customer supplied goods must be received in their entirety at least five business days prior to the order’s scheduled production date in order to avoid a production delay.

Due to the additional labor and cost involved in receiving, un-bagging, sorting, and recycling packaging for customer supplied goods, we charge a small handling & recycling fee for processing these items.

While AOV takes every precaution to prevent mishaps during the decoration process, we cannot be held responsible for the cost of damage to customer supplied garments and items.

Pre-Production Samples
If you require a completed production sample item with your exact screen print or embroidery work done on it, that is not a problem, however it may incur an extra cost and delay the production deadline. On large volume orders, a pre-production sample is often a good idea and we may recommend it. It will assist you in confirming the right design sizing, placement and colors before the whole order is run.
Pre-productions samples cost:

  • Screen print pre-production samples:  Sample Item cost + $30.00 per each imprint color & imprint side
  • Embroidery pre-production samples:   Sample Item cost + $60 digitizing file fee + $22.50 embroidery production cost

If your volume order total exceeds $2,000, you may qualify for a pre-production sample at no cost. Please inquire with your AOV Job Partner if you are going to place a larger order.

Print Guarantee
We stand behind our work. Please check your order carefully and notify us of any problems within 48 hours of delivery. If, for any reason, we made a mistake printing your order and it is not as agreed upon in your emailed confirmation, and falls outside these terms & conditions, please contact us right away to discuss the problem and possible remedies.